Biking is popular! We are of course happy to see how this trend continues to grow year after year. Riding our bikes to work is key within the sustainable mobility transition. Thanks to the innovations on the bike market on the one hand (better and smaller batteries, diversity of types of bikes, ..) and favourable tax measures on the other hand, biking is not only seen as a pastime, but as a fully-fledged means of transport for commute trips as well. This trend encourages companies to implement bike leasing in their mobility policy. Within the wide range of mobility options that Vaigo offers, bike leasing could not be left out. We proudly announce our new partnership with the digital bike lease platform o2o.

The creation of unique mobility policies

If companies decide to offer bike leasing to their employees, we at Vaigo see that the implementation for many is not always easy. Bike leasing can be financed in different ways. We have described a few examples of how mobility policies can be set up.

  1. Gross salary exchange for employees who exchanges a part of their salary for a leased bicycle. This option is very beneficial for the employee and budget neutral for the employer (more information on o2o).
  2. Via a TCO-car budget where the employee combines a less expensive car or a reduced use of it with the purchase of a customized leased bike.
  3. A third possibility is to offer bike leasing within the legal mobility budget.

Finally, the option to combine these three options. is also possible.

The consideration of those options to offer bike leasing as a company, requires an expertise. It’s a complex reflection where the management of bike lease needs to be thought through, how everything will be in connection with payroll without a huge administrative hassle. Vaigo supports companies within this process by providing our expertise and knowledge so that in collaboration, we can work out a flexible mobility policy with bike leasing.

“The partnership between Vaigo & o2o offers Belgians companies the possibility to easily join the sustainable mobility story. A story where the bikes that a central place and is accessible for every employee. And not unimportant, the HR-manager who implements the bike leasing gets access to the tools to manage this good subsequently.” – Wim Floré, co-founder & managing partner o2o

Vaigo, the mobility portal for all employees of big companies

Both Vaigo as the bike lease company o2o have the same purpose in mind: delivering employees easy access to bike leasing and overcoming administrative hassle by using automated processes. Thanks to the partnership with o2o, it delivers our clients the advantage that all mobility options, and bike lease as well, can be managed from 1 mobility platform.

Since the systems of Vaigo and o2o are linked to each other, very little changes for the end-users, in fact, the process got simplified. From now on, you can chose a bike lease out of the broad network of bike dealers of o2o (where people based on their location, brand or name of dealer can chose a bike dealer), and get a direct view on the salary impact of your chosen bike. The time-consuming process between the employee and the concerned HR-manager will be shortened, all managed from your familiar Vaigo platform. Every bike, also popular brands like Canyon and Cowboy, can be in a ordered in a simple matter of time!

For more information about o2o, visit their website.