Connect any mobility provider to your corporate mobility policy, payroll and HR process.

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How does Vaigo work?

Vaigo is a platform that enables human resources and mobility managers to offer new, flexible mobility options to employees. It is designed to overcome the administrative and process hurdles that larger organizations face when offering smart mobility. 

Employee Portal

Employees access, request and manage their mobility services in one platform. We connect mobility operators and best-of-breed Mobility-as-a-Service offerings in a unified way.

Policy Manager

Every organization is different. We start from your corporate mobility policy. Available options and budgets may differ depending on employee roles, the purpose of the trip,… maybe even the weather.

Operator Manager

No worries, we take over the daily operations of managing mobility services and subscriptions. It doesn’t matter if you add one option or a hundred.

Process Integrator

We connect all employees’ transactions to your internal business processes and IT. We integrate payroll, HR and expense systems seamlessly by automating all processing and reporting.

Are you ready to adopt flexible mobility?

Vaigo allows employees to take control of their mobility:

Discover all available mobility options

Understand the company mobility policy

Manage mobility services: from subscriptions, over biking-to-work to any mobility apps

Manage mobility expenses and link them to the right budget

Our platform supports HR departments and mobility managers by automating all administration work and managing the daily operations when providing flexible mobility options to all employees.

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