Today’s demand for flexible mobility options is higher than ever. De Watergroep quickly picked up on this increasing need as well and decided to hunt down a system that could offer its employees the freedom to choose between various modes of transport. Vaigo turned out to be their preferred mobility platform.

Over 1,500 employees travel daily to one of De Watergroep’s 34 sites. The largest water company in Flanders had already been rewarding sustainable commuting by bike for several years, but as today’s demand for more flexible mobility options was increasing, they wanted to opt for a system that could meet the current transport needs.

It was time for a mobility solution that allows our employees to choose between different modes.

Bregt Dehairs – HR Administration Manager

Need for cost effective and user-friendly management platform

“It was time for a mobility solution that allows our employees to choose between different modes,” says Bregt Dehairs, HR Administration Manager. Equally important to De Watergroep was a seamless integration of the system with other existing HR applications, such as payroll, cost-efficiency in the long run and user- and management-friendliness. And so Eurides came to the rescue.

What made our platform stand out from the others? According to Stefan Van Avermaet, Functional Analyst, it’s because Vaigo allows an employee to combine multiple mobility options, thanks to smart integration with the payroll engine. In this way, the platform takes the employee’s day-to-day mobility choice into account.

Regarding their cost efficiency requirement, Stefan adds: “The set-up costs are low and the recurring costs are definitely acceptable. In the end, Vaigo quickly pays for itself, because it also neutralises the hidden costs of the administrative workload, and updates can be made very cost-effectively in the future.”